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Colleen Wilson


My Story

Hello my name is Colleen.  I have been sharing my passion for all smelly good things for 8 years now. The thing is I was invited to a couple of different Scentsy parties but never went. It wasn't until my sister had a party that I decided to check it out. I went and ordered a combine a save because ya know I love a deal! About 2 weeks or so I got my stuff and brought it home. Guess what??? About a week later my sister calls to ask how I love my Scentsy. Yeah, ummm well...OK it's still in the bag. So I get off the phone and grab my things I got a regular warmer for the downstairs and a mini for the bathroom upstairs to us as a nightlight as well. Well about 15 minutes after I plugged them both in the downstairs smelled like a fruity paradise with go go goji and halfway up the stairs I smelled my dear watson. Wow!! I was blown away how incredible this smelled. I love a deal so I booked a party, where you get FREE and half off items. I had an surprisingly good party and got lots of goodies. It seemed pretty easy I basically told my friends what I liked and how it worked and Bam free stuff! So I took a chance on myself and decided to see what Scentsy could do for me. I am happy to say I have created many friendships and memories along the way. When you are ready to start your Scentsy Journey give me a call. Hugs, Colleen

What's warming in my home